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Nibiru The 12th planet to crash Earth

On the picture below we have Sumerian 4500 year old tablet detailing our solar system.
sumerian-4500-year-old-tablet-detailing-solar-systemNibiru (also transliterated Neberu, Nebiru) is a term in the Akkadian language, translating to "crossing" or "point of transition", especially of rivers, i.e. river crossings or ferry-boats. In Babylonian astronomy, nibiru (in cuneiform spelled né-bé-ru or ni-bi-rum) is a term of the highest point of the ecliptic, i.e. the point of summer solstice, and its associated constellation.
The idea of the Planet X collision originated with Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin woman who claims that as a girl she was contacted by gray extraterrestrials called Zetas, who implanted a communications device in her brain.
Lieder drew the name Planet X from the hypothetical planet once searched for by astronomers to account for discrepancies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. In 1894, Bostonian astronomer Percival Lowell became convinced that the planets Uranus and Neptune had slight discrepancies in their orbits. He concluded that they must be being tugged by the gravity of another, more distant planet, which he called "Planet X". However, nearly a century of searching failed to turn up any evidence for such an object (Pluto was initially believed to be Planet X, but was later determined to be too small). In 1992, astronomer Myles Standish showed that the supposed discrepancies in the planets' orbits were illusory; the product of an overestimation of the mass of Neptune. Today astronomers accept that Planet X does not exist.
Astronomers point out that such an object so close to Earth would be easily visible to the naked eye (Jupiter and Saturn are both visible to the naked eye, and are dimmer than Nibiru would be at their distances), and would be creating noticeable effects in the orbits of the outer planets. Some counter this by claiming that the object has been hiding behind the Sun for several years, though such a claim is geometrically impossible. Images of Nibiru near the Sun taken by amateurs are usually of lens flares, false images of the Sun created by reflections within the lens.
The impact of the public fear of the Planet X collision has been especially felt by professional astronomers. David Morrison, a CSI Fellow and Senior Scientist at NASA's Astrobiology Institute at Ames Research Center, says he receives 20–25 emails a week about the impending arrival of Nibiru; some frightened, others angry and naming him as part of the conspiracy to keep the truth of the impending apocalypse from the public. Half of these emails are from outside the US.
Nibiru return
Nibiru, to the Babylonians, was the celestial body associated with the god Marduk. The name is Akkadian and means 'crossing place' or 'place of transition'. In most Babylonian texts it is identified with the planet Jupiter. In Tablet 5 of the Enuma ElishThuban or possibly Kochab (Ursa Minor). it may be the pole star, which at the time was Thuban or possibly Kochab (Ursa Minor).
The term "Nibiru" comes from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets and writings dating 5,000 years old. The term Nibiru means "Planet of the crossing", and it's cuneiform sign was often a cross, or various winged disc. The Sumerian culture was located in the fertile lands between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, at the southern part of today's Iraq.

The meaning of 12th  Planet
Some authors believe that the observations of ancient astronomers provide proof that Nibiru is an actual planet or brown dwarf in our solar system. These claims are for the most part dismissed as fringe science or pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific communities of archaeology and astronomy. Sitchin says some sources speak about the same planet, possibly being a brown dwarf star and still in a highly elliptic orbit around the Sun, with a perihelion passage some 3,600 years ago and assumed orbital period of about 3,600 to 3,760 years or 3,741 years.

Some facts
1. Nibiru was first spotted in space on December 30, 1983.
2. Nostradamus, a French scientist and astronomer, that lived more than 4 centuries ago predicted that this event would occur just like he predicted World War 1, the conflict between Iraq and the U.S.A., the 9/11 attacks.  All of these were predicted correctly.  It is hard to believe that he has predicted so many things correctly and that he would get the prediction wrong. 
3. Mayans have been one of the greatest astronomers of all time, creating the first accurate calendar and making star charts.  The Mayan Long Calendar has shown that the last day  is December 21, 2012, the day that scientists believe that Nibiru's effect will affect earth.  The worst will come on Valentine's Day, 2013.  Nibiru will stop affecting us on July 1, 2014.
4. Hurricanes and winds will be up to 350 mph.  Tsunamis can reach 3 miles high. 
This is no joke.  Nibiru is on it's way,   Under, here is a map of Nibiru's orbit path.

Nibiru's orbit
As you can see, Planet X's orbit extends all the way out, which explains why we may have not been able to discover it before since it is so far our.
Nibiru's path

Here's what we have come to understand as of Spring, 2008.
  • Nibiru is a large planet on an elliptical orbit that crosses the orbit of our planets. (See Diagram above)
  • Like that of great comments that keep coming back over a very long span of time, so does Nibiru.
  • Nibiru and it's implications are a part of historical records, and folklore in countless civilizations, worldwide.
  • Records seem to indicate that Nibiru comes through our inner solar system about every thirty-six hundred years.
  • Because of Nibiru's massive size, it's strong gravitational pull will soon be effecting the Earth in a very big way.
  • Effects will range from horrific Earth quakes, super volcanic activity, and sustained 200+ MPH winds world-wide.
  • At Nibiru's closest passage to Earth, a quick pole shift will take place, causing the oceans to rush over the continents.
  • In the after math, volcanic ash will encompass the globe, thrusting the world into a prolonged winter.
  • Until enough ash settles, it's estimated that crops will fail world-wide for at least two growing seasons.
  • Those who did not prepare will either die from severe weather changes, quakes, flood, fire or starvation.
  • Those who managed to live, will be faced with the aftermath of just trying to survive for the first 24 months.
  • All that we once relied on such as utilities, medical, financial, oil, housing, police, etc. will mostly be destroyed.
  • Recovery time will be measured in hundreds of years; potentially thousands.
  • Note: Washington Post article reported on findings for Planet-X
  • Note: New York Times  article reported on findings for Planet-X
This "potential" pending event is so big, that there is no way that such a secret can be kept much longer if in fact it turns out to be true after all.
Trouble is, by the time we learn all about this through normal channels, you and most others will be out of time to properly prepare. Gathering food for long term storage and building supplies will be next to impossible to acquire easily, do to the onset of global pandemonium, hording of food, and the introduction of international martial law that would follow.  That is... if Nibiru is real after all.
Building materials, let alone heavy construction equipment will be next to impossible to obtain.
The old methods of survival will not work in this case, as there are elements to this "possible" coming global change that you must factor in when looking to find the right shelter. Factors that will be to late to adjust for, should things start to go down hill.
The early people named Planet X as Nibiru in Sumerian, and Marduk in Babylonian. It has been said that the ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the twelfth planet in our solar system and that it was "heaven" where their gods resided and came from.
Nibirians, the people of Nibiru, are often referred to as Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim (plural for god), and Mardukians. I shall refer to them as Anunnaki as this is what the general population was known as by the Sumerians and by those at the present time. The word "Anunnaki" literally means "those who came from heaven to earth". In the Old Testament these "heavenly" visitors are called "Anakim".
Nibiru was populated by a reptilian super race and governed by elite aristocracy known as the "Nefilim" in Hebrew, which means "they who have come down from the heavens to earth". The Anunnaki were one of the many technologically advanced alien races at the time. In fact, their civilization was advanced far beyond most others of their time. The Anunnaki called their home star (sun) "ZAOS".
Nibiru and EarthThe Anunnaki are a belligerent and conquering race. They are fierce, evil, lustful, incestuous, bloodthirsty, deceitful, jealous and domineering. They are also carnivorous and are often cannibalistic. They also demand human sacrifices of virgins from those they conquer and from their own kind whom they enslave.
If you imagine the worst characteristics you can conceive in Satan, you have well concocted an impression of the Anunnaki. They specialize in mind control. They also nearly perfected economic control with the development of money and the usury system. They have conducted extensive genetic engineering and have genetically engineered among other things, a super reptilian race which the Anunnaki called the "Ducaz".
The Ducaz are used for conquering and controlling the Nibirian population and those of other conquered races. Thus, the Ducaz are Reptilians. There are different types of Reptilians amongst them. Their masters, the Anunnaki Elite, are not the Ducaz. Like anything associated with the Anunnaki, there is a rigid, inequitable and regimented class structure amongst the Ducaz.
  The Reptilians, or Ducaz were sent by their "masters", the Nephilim or Elohim to fight in  wars Anunnaki - the Reptilian Racewith other alien races and to serve as their spies, bodyguards and police force. There are many factions amongst the Anunnaki. One of the most bitter enemies of the Ducaz call themselves the "Pers-sires", a group of aliens for which I coined the word "Vulturites" many years ago. They are called Vulturites not because they look like vultures, as some have claimed. In fact, they don’t look like that at all! There are very apt reasons why I have called them Vulturites which I will not go into in this discussion.
Ironically, the Pers-sires are just a different faction of the Anunnaki race. However, the Ducaz (Reptilians) and the Pers-sires (Vulturites) have always been bitter enemies even to this day. The descendents of these two groups are now on Earth vying for supremacy of the world. Many of these are currently in political, financial, scientific, religious, legal, medical (especially in blood banks), entertainment, military, agrarian or commercial positions, and also in the sex industry. Most of these aliens are not consciously aware of their alien origins.
The Anunnaki are flesh-and-blood, biological beings with abounding pride, arrogance, uncontrollable urges for adult and child sex partners (whether they be willing or forced participants), and they have a great appetite for conquest and control. This warlike race has an insatiable thirst for control of other beings and dominion over other races, and the less privileged classes of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki developed and imposed complex, oppressive cast and gender systems. They are misogynists. That was why they eliminated the worship of the Divine Mother of the early people on Earth whom they conquered when they arrived. There was so much resistance to the elimination of the worship of the Divine Mother that the Anunnaki set up replacement "mothers" for various cultures such as the ‘earth mother’, ‘mother nature’ and thereafter further corrupted the Divine Mother’s image by falsely attributing Her with lustful, vengeful and jealous qualities. The interpretation of Kali is one of those false attributes.
Due to a great collision, the Earth and the planets and moons of our solar system were severely affected. Nibiru too suffered great damage as a result of this celestial collision. This caused the Anunnaki to come to Earth in search of a permanent home. They did not come to search for physical gold, as Sitchin hypothesizes. Oddly, gold is not a native mineral to Earth, so the Anunnaki would not be expecting it on Earth. Nor did they come to Earth to mine for gold to make a shield to protect their ailing atmospheric conditions on Nibiru (If they did, they did not succeed in saving their planet, because their planet was destroyed). What appears in space is really the shadow of Nibiru, many light years away. However, the Anunnaki were delighted to find gold on earth because they used it for ornamentation. They also imported many slaves to mine the gold, and they used many of the Anunnaki lower classes to do the same.
Since their home, Nibiru, was destroyed, the Anunnaki Elite and their cadre of attendants were forced to become transient, with the majority of them living in a huge spacecraft (like a city) that orbited the Earth. By then, the other Anunnaki races were already placed in different worlds that they had conquered, including Earth, Mars, and the rest of our solar system. They were also interspersed throughout the Orion and the Pleiades systems. Thus it can be seen that the Anunnaki are extraordinarily powerful and they were feared by many. The Anunnaki Elite and those who were permitted to travel moved from the orbiting spacecraft in smaller shuttlecrafts to visit Earth below. They also sent freighter class crafts to Earth for commercial and military purposes. Inter-planetary slave trade was prevalent and lucrative. It is no wonder that the ancient people feared their gods who they claimed lived in the sky.




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