Monday, 10 September 2012

Crystals, magic or science?

Crystals, magick or science? Crystals have been used for many years, dating back to biblical times, in Ancient Egypt, China and Rome. They have so many uses, healing, balancing, protection, scrying and as a tool for magickal rituals.  In technology we see the silicone chip in computers, and many watches and clocks are powered by quartz.  Crystals are set formations, the theory of resonance, each one with it’s own unique vibration that has the ability to influence your entire being and they’re programmable!
The next time you have a free afternoon, I strongly encourage you to go visit a gem/crystal store.  Pick one that allows the customer a hands on shopping experience.  When choosing a crystal follow your intuition, without knowing or thinking of their properties, pay attention to how each one makes you feel.  It’s actually the crystal who’s doing the choosing and if you listen closely enough, the one that you need most will call out to you. It’s important to be in a relaxed emotional and physical state.  The crystals call is subtle and a quiet mind is vital!  If you want to amplify any particular crystals power, simply make it extra strength by adding a quartz.
Crystals can help you create the frequencies that you need and the only limit to what they can be used for is your imagination.  One way is to make your own tonic by setting a crystal in a jug of pure water while stating your intention.  Some crystals are better at healing than others and this in no way a substitution for being under a doctors care.  Allow the jug to bath in the light of the moon and then have a small dose each day, literally ingesting your intention.
They can ionize and absorb negative energies in a room while charging it at the same time.  Amber, clear quartz and hematite are all excellent ones for this use.
Herkimer diamond can assist you with detoxification, developing your psychic abilities, spiritual visions, dream recall, relaxing and recalling your past lives.  To make this process a full body experience, fill a bath with water as hot as you can stand it, add some epsom salts and some herkimer diamond.  Lay in the bath for at least 20 minutes, keeping as much of your body in the water as you can.  Then, gently dry off yourself and the crystal, place the crystal under your pillow and dream your way to a better life:)  Skip the bath if you have heart problems.
Rose quartz is great for transitional times.  It can help guide you and is the perfect crystal for aiding forgiveness for yourself and others while healing past memories so that you can move on.  Rhodocrosite is another excellent one for healing past traumatic events and getting over trust issues.  You could make an amulet, bath with it or stick it in your pocket.  The possibilities are insurmountable.
Shiva lingham stones are the best ones for use during meditation for connecting with your Christ consciousnesses and furthering your spiritual development.
One of the more interesting exercises to do with crystals uses a stone chakra kit.  The crystals will tell you which chakra is unbalanced simply by seeing which one that you’re most drawn too.  By focusing on that crystal, you will bring yourself back into the flow of balance.  Don’t you wish that everything in life was that easy?  And they don’t have to be expensive either, you should be able to locate a small kit like the one that I suggested for under $20.
If you can only afford one crystal, I recommend citrine; it’s currently my personal favorite and apower tool that you shouldn’t be without!  It’s known as the abundance stone and it radiates positive energy to assist you with everything from your relationships to your finances.
Once a crystal’s chosen you it’s important to cleanse it, to get rid of any unwanted or unintentional information or programming.  Washing it with plain tap water works.
Next we need to charge it.  How you charge it is an as individual as the crystal itself.  You need to first ask yourself what exactly it is that you want the crystal to help you with and then use your imagination and integrate some applicable magickal correspondences.  For example, some may chose to leave it in brook of water for extra purity.  Others may leave it outside under the full moon for an exaggerated abundance of their intentions.  You could use a meditative technique by holding the crystal in your hands and “seeing” it being bathed in warm sunlight.  Another fantastic way to charge a crystal, for extra optimism and enthusiasm, is to place it in the Sun’s light, if you’re wanting a situation to progress use the morning sun, for a situation that you want closure on, charge the crystal with the dusk’s light.  Basically, it doesn’t matter too much as how you charge your crystal, the important keys are clarity of your intentions, focus and trust in your belief’s.  


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