Sunday, 23 September 2012

Strange beliefs in this modern age

Even in this modern age, some people have strange beliefs. Here is a list of such beliefs followed by people in some countries.

  • People in Peru wear yellow undergarments on New Year’s Day, which they believe bring luck and success throughout the year

Japanese keep a toy cat, “Maneki Neko”, somewhere in their homes which they believe is lucky.

  • They think 7 and 8 are lucky numbers and 4 and 9 are unlucky. They even don’t pronounce the numbers 4 and 9, as they believe that even the sounds may cause harm to them.

    • In Greece, people believe that the bone of a bat brings luck to them. So, whenever they go outside for any important work they keep it in their pocket.

    • Bulgarians believe that broken glassware brings luck for them. If suddenly any glassware falls down and breaks, they celebrate.

    • Germans believe the touch of a broom stick brings luck for them.

    • Turkish people believe that camel brings luck for them.

    • Indians believe that wandering mice in their homes brings them a lot of money.

    • In some Western countries, people believe that a leaf called “Water Hyacinth” brings luck for them. People grow these plants in their garden believing that the four parts of a leaf are symbols to love, luck, belief and hope.

    • Indians believe it is unlucky for them if a black cat comes against their way. But in some places in Ireland and Britain people believe it is lucky.

    • Britain people believe it is very unlucky when somebody keeps the new shoes on the table.
      • Britain people believe it is the reason for the sudden death of any person in their home.

    • Lucky symbol for the British people is a white horse.

    • People in West Virginia and Pennsylvania eat pork and raw vegetables on New Year’s Day, which they consider is lucky.



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